Hockey Summit of the Arts

Guelph Royal Pains
Summit 2019
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Guelph Royal Pains Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
1 G Chris Sanagan (Attendance)

3 D Brad Giefert L (Attendance)

4 F Alex Carey L (Attendance)

8 D Kenny Phelps R (Attendance)

9 D Harri Palm (Attendance)

10 D Dustin Seabrook (Attendance)

11 LW Shannon Lawr (Attendance)

12 D Brydon Gillis (Attendance)

13 RW AJ Johnson (Attendance)

15 C Danny Arnott (Attendance)

16 LW Ondrej Hazl (Attendance)

22 RW Vish Khanna (Attendance)

23 D Leonard Tindall (Attendance)

26 C Stu Eadie (Attendance)

70 RW Bernie Lawr (Attendance)

74 RW Nathan Lawr R (Attendance)