Hockey Summit of the Arts

April 19th to 21st, 2019

Niagara Crystal Beach Comets
Summit 2017
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Game # 34679 PTBO ExRays at Niagara Crystal Beach Comets
12:00 PM Saturday, April 15, 2017 Buckingham Pad One

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Niagara Crystal Beach Comets Roster
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Player Name Position Action
Active Roster
(*) Ben Pomeroy Goalie/Defence [login]
(*) James Dejardins Goalie [login]
(*) Pat Damontinet Forward [login]
(*) Cole Shennan Forward [login]
(*) Adrian Thiessen Forward [login]
(*) The Gooch Forward [login]
(*) Michael "MJ" Markarian Forward [login]
(*) Jay Peters Forward [login]
(*) Dan Oko Forward [login]
(*) Mike Markarian Forward [login]
(*) Ryan Rivando Forward [login]
(*) Tim Shaughnessy Forward [login]
(*) Stefon Van Noordt Defence [login]
(*) Chris Burny Defence [login]
(*) Eric Lepp Defence [login]
(*) Matt Saranchuk Defence [login]
(*) Rob Jolicoeur Defence [login]
(*) Jesse Boyd Defence [login]
(*) Craig Leech Defence [login]
(*) Chris Nowicki Defence [login]